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Are you a K-POP fan? If you are a K-POP fanatic then this article will be perfect for you. Here are the top ten best Korean drama actors that are currently popular based from and Many girls have dreaming of them. You can't take your eyes from them.  Did your K-POP dream guy made it to the TOP TEN list? Let's find out.
1.      Jang Geun Suk 
            This Korean drama actor is best known for playing Taekyung on the popular Korean drama,     “You’re Beautiful.” He started off as a model and then later became a singer. He has appeared in other dramas such as “Mary Stayed out All Night” and “Beethoven’s Virus.”

2.      Won Bin
I              He is better known for portraying Ji Hoon in, “Friends.” He is also a model like most Korean actors. He has also been in “Autumn Tale” and “Propose.”
3.      Kim Hyun Joong 
                 Kim Hyun is a Korean drama actor better known for being the leader of the popular group SS501. He is also known as for portraying Ji Hoo in “Boys over Flowers” as the rival for Gun Jun Pyo’s love interest. He has also appeared in “We Got Married” and “Playful Kiss.”

4.      Lee Min Ho 
                 He is best known as playing Gun Jun Pyo in the still popular Korean drama series, “Boys over Flowers,” that was adapted from a Japanese manga. He is also a model and a singer. His other drama appearances include “Personal Preference” and “I’m Sam.”

5.      Bae Yong Jun 
                   This Korean drama actor is better known for portraying Kang Joon Sang in “Winter Sonata” which is adapted from the anime. Bae can also be seen in the dramas “The Legend” and the recent drama, “Dream High.”
6.      Bi (Rain)
                   Although Bi is a famous Korean R&B singer, he is also a very well known Korean drama actor. He is most known for portraying Lee Young Jae in, “Full House.” Bi has also appeared in “Fugitive: Plan B” and “A Love to Kill.”

7.      Kim Bum 
                 He is a Korean drama actor who is best known for playing Dong Chul in “East of Eden.” He’s also appeared in “Boys over Flowers” and “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry.”

8.      Joo Jin Mo 
                  Joo is known for playing Nam Jae II in the drama “Dream” along side Kim Bum. He has also appeared in the following dramas “Fashion 70s” and “Bicheonomu.”

9.      Dennis Oh   
               He is best known for playing Mike Packard on “East of Eden.” Dennis has also appeared in “Witch Amusement” and the currently airing, “Fall In Love.”

10.  Kwon Sang Woo
                Kwon is a Korean drama actor that is known for portraying the two characters Lee Joon Hee and Oh Dae San in “Cinderella Man.” He has also been in “We Are Dating Now” and “Stairway to Heaven.”

                Did your dream guy made it? You better watch for these guys.  Aside from having the looks they will make your heart jump for joy.   You will scream to death because they will make you fall for them.  다음주에 보자! 안녕! (See you next week! Goodbye!) :)

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